Christian music
Community festival

Sing to Him a new song;
play skillfully and shout for joy
— Psalm 33:3

We are a non-denominational group of Christian Musicians who see a need for the improvement of music skills amongst those who are serving God in Music Ministries in Malaysia. Through this initiative we hope to meet this need by building a community where Christian Musicians can come together to learn from each other.

In this community, churches with stronger Music Ministries can share valuable know-how with those wanting to build up their Music teams; Christian Professional Musicians can impart their skills and knowledge and those who are aspiring to serve God in Music Ministries can come to learn how to be better prepared.

To kick start this initiative, we will be having a Music Festival on the 18th and 19th of May 2019 at KLPac where we will be conducting clinics and workshops in the mornings and afternoons, which focuses on developing music skills and knowledge such as learning how to read chord charts, band dynamics, harmony and scales, instrument techniques and song writing. In the evening, we will be featuring concerts to showcase local Christian compositions and also Christian Musicians who are leaders in the field of Music in Malaysia.




His name is synonymous with Malaysian Music, particularly in the field of Jazz where he is widely acknowledged to be the driving force behind the Jazz Scene in Malaysia.  His career began in the mid ‘70’s where he made a name for himself as an up and coming pianist having worked with some of the more popular bands like Windjammer, the Delta Band and the legendary Jazz Fusion band Vintage.  His studies at the prestigious Berklee College of Music proved to be a major factor towards making his an illustrious career, as a renowned Jazz Pianist, as a Composer, a Musical Director, Music Producer and owner of a Studio and a Jazz Club. His accomplishments have earned him the prestigious Brand Laureate Icon Award for being an Iconic figure in the field of Professional Music in Malaysia having set a standard of excellence that has become synonymous with him and also become the benchmark for younger musicians to emulate. 

He is currently worshipping in Trinity Methodist Church in Petaling Jaya.



Wong Keng Joon, known to all as KJ Wong, is a Musician, Drummer, Author, Video Maker, and an all round creator.

Hailing from Subang Jaya, an ever growing town in Malaysia, KJ trained musically in the esteemed Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. Joining with the Malaysian Jazz Ensemble WVC, KJ has drummed in many parts of the world such as China, Taiwan, Macau, Thailand, Canada, The United States and even the Caribbean Islands.

WVC is one of the most sought after jazz acts in Malaysia and indeed the region, having performed in jazz festivals all over Asia including the Tianjin International Jazz Festival, Macau Jazz Week, and the TaiChung International Jazz Festival.

Serving as a drummer in his church during his youth days, KJ is currently actively serving in TeenStreet Malaysia and preaches occasionally in his own church.

He is currently worshipping in City Discipleship Presbyterian Church (CDPCKL).



Ashley was born and raised in none other than our very own city here in Kuala Lumpur. She was classically trained in piano at the age of 9. At the age of 10, her mom brought her to church and that was the start of her journey in the music ministry, when she started serving as the youngest member in the church choir. She grew active in the church youth group where she learnt to play contemporary worship songs on the piano and lead worship.

In 2004, she entered Hillsong College in Sydney, Australia and graduated with a diploma majoring in Worship and Creative Arts. After Bible college, Ashley served as a full-time worship pastor in the church for more than 11 years.

Joining the Asia Pacific Baptist Youth (APBY) band during her time as worship pastor, it has opened doors for Ashley to lead worship and sing in the Asia Pacific region such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and in the Philippines.

After a year of rest from full time ministry, she is currently working as a freelance Creative Director for the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation (APBF) and for her church.

She is currently attending City Discipleship Presbyterian Church (CDPCKL).

Wee Lern.jpg


Born in Muar, Johor, Wee Lern was classically trained in piano at a young age before moving to Kuala Lumpur in the beginning of 2001.

He then studied at the International College of Music (ICOM) KL and graduated in 2005. He is now a prolific piano player specializing in contemporary styles like Jazz, Pop, Funk, Soul R&B and others. He has performed extensively in various venues in Kuala Lumpur for the past 15 years.

Besides performing Wee Lern is also an experienced music educator. He returned to ICOM in 2006 to work as a lecturer, and he has been teaching there until 2019. His teaching focuses on contemporary piano playing, playing in ensembles, music arranging and music theory for contemporary harmony.

Throughout his life, Wee Lern has served in the music ministry in a few churches for over 20 years, beginning in his youth.



Amy Yu is an audio production & technology professional with over 10 years of diverse experience. As an Audio Engineer, Educator, Producer, Artist Liaison, Stage Manager and pianist, she definitely stays busy. Early in her career she gained valuable experience as a roadie, musician, stagehand and piano instructor.

It is an avid interest in music and sound which led to her pursuit of two degrees; Bachelor Degree in Music Engineering & Production and Music Business & Management in Berklee College of Music in the States. Having began her career at the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, Ms Yu started in the Orchestra Management department organising and supervising musicians for concerts. Subsequently, Ms Yu transitioned from classical to jazz and pop scene when she worked as an artist liaison for No Black Tie, an establishment showcasing Malaysia’s top singers and musicians and the region’s best, not excluding an impressive lineup of international acts.

Since then, she has been working with a wide list of national and international artists and producers such as Michael Veerapen. Kid Santhe, Sonaone, WVC, Evelyn Feroza, Nadir, Jasmine Chen, Joji, San Holo, 6lack.

Most notable in her career as the assistant director was working at the Borneo Jazz Festival 2018 at Miri, Sarawak. Not only was that a gate pass to working for big festivals such as Good Vibes Festival 2019 as a stage manager, it was also an opportunity to grow and be exposed.

Additionally to her dedication to the music industry, Amy has mixed live for church services, conferences and events around the region.

After about 10 years in this industry, she is now working solely as a freelance sound engineer and stage manager, while lecturing in Ocean Institute of Audio Technology.


Clinics Synopsis

Understanding Chord Symbols
This workshop aims to help you with identifying chords - the symbols, what they mean, how they are written. We will also look at the basic formula of how chord construction, "slash chords" and tensions. 

Playing With Chord Charts
This is a hands-on workshop that will teach you how to play along to a "chord chart" - as opposed to a song sheet with chords or a fully written classical score. We will look at basic chart reading skills, counting beats and bars with time-keeping and also reading chord symbols. 

Song Writing
"In attempting to compose a song by the end of the session, this workshop will show you how to get started in song writing and it will take you through the common methods of song writing"

Vocals - Voice Control
Junji Delfino, who is Malaysia’s top Jazz Singer will take you through the basics of how to project your voice with great efficiency and will let you into the techniques that will help you greatly in your singing.

Time Keeping
Solving the fundamental challenges of timekeeping in a worship team. How to stop speeding up or slowing down, how to practice timekeeping for individual instrumentalists and also worship combos. How to count beats, bars, phrases, and sections. The basics of syncopation, rhythmic subdivision, and song structure.

Sound & Band Dynamics
Answering the age old problem of being 'TOO LOUD' or 'I CAN'T HEAR MYSELF'. Expand your understanding of dynamics, both as an individual instrument, and also as a band. Learning the acoustics of each instruments, and the acoustics of space, and then applying these concepts to live performance, amplification, and monitoring to create a comfortable sound for all.